Call to action: LB958

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As the bill is written, National AMTA and AMTA-NE are opposed to LB958.  We have asked […]

LB 958 Hearing


January 31, 2018  1:30pm (ish)

LB 958: Provide for license of a vehicle as a massage therapy establishment

AMTA is promoting our school members on the radio!

AMTA Launches Nationwide Radio Promotion of Member Massage Schools
In honor of our 75th anniversary, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has expanded its nationwide radio advertising campaign promoting our Professional members to…

Top AMTA Member Benefits of 2017

The Results are In!

These were the top AMTA membership benefits of 2017!
1. Massage Warehouse Discount | Save up to 30% Every Day + Flat Rate Shipping! Members took advantage of free shipping specials. Be…

Manage Winter Aches & Pains With Massage

Thousands of people are seen at emergency rooms and doctors’ offices each winter for injuries sustained while shoveling snow. The bending, lifting and cold exposure puts you at risk for sprains…