Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.Helen Keller

We have several open Committee Co/Chairs and are also seeking committee members and volunteers. Please look through the committee descriptions below and visit our volunteer page to learn more. 


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Education Chair:


Education Committee is responsible for providing educational opportunities for chapter members at chapter meetings and/or as independent educational events.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan and proposed budget for chapter educational events for the coming year.
  2. Assure that 60% of the educational events sponsored by the chapter are eligible for continuing education credit.
  3. Coordinate logistics of educational events and the activities of chapter members participating in these events.

Government Relations Chair:

Briana Cudly

Government Relations Committee is responsible for monitoring legislation that might influence the scope and practice of massage therapy and when directed by the board, leading the chapter effort to effect that legislation.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan for government relations activities and proposed budget for the coming year.
  2. Act as the liaison to the chapter board and chapter members regarding all legislative issues in the state related to massage therapy.
  3. Represent the chapter in state regulatory initiatives and/or local government regulations issues, when directed by the chapter board.
  4. Lead the chapter effort in completing LLAP grant applications that have been approved by the chapter board.
  5. Research and compile historical information regarding massage therapy and legislation in the state.
  6. Coordinate legislative awareness activities and provide appropriate background and training for chapter members involved in the effort.
  7. Coordinate efforts of legislative consultants and/or lobbying experts contracted by the chapter board.
  8. Serve as the AMTA chapter representative to state or area coalitions of massage therapy/bodywork groups.
  9. Treat relationships and communications associated with this position with care and professionalism, recognizing that they are sensitive in nature; often have strict time frames dictated by the legislature; and can ultimately affect the result the chapter is working to achieve.

Honors and Awards Chair:

Amber Fader

Honors and Awards Committee identifies individuals and organizations qualified for certificates, awards, and/or acknowledgement and to plan a process to publicly recognize individuals and organizations at meetings or other events.

  1. Ask for names of all active volunteers from Officers, Chairs, Unit leaders and members to honor or recognize with an award.
  2. Ask for names for special awards (outstanding…, meritorious, etc.) from officers, chairs, leaders and members to honor or recognize with an award.
  3. Once names are submitted for special awards, if more than one name per award, attempt to see who meets the award criteria best.
  4.  Prepare for outgoing and ongoing officer and chair awards/ certificates as well as certificates for all active volunteers, related organizations, etc., who are being honored or recognized.
  5.  Submit required paperwork to National in timely manner.
  6. Prepare plaques and or gifts for award recipients.
  7. Prepare certificates for recipients.
  8.  Oversee Awards presentation
  9.  Prepare reports as needed for Chapter.
  10.  Mail or deliver awards or certificates to those who missed the awards meeting.

Sports Massage Team Chair:


Sports Massage Team is charged with the task of organizing and publicizing sports massage events at the local level in accordance with national initiatives.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan for sports massage activities and events and a proposed budget for the coming year.
  2. Assure that chapter board and chapter members are aware of the details about the Sports Massage Certification Exam.
  3. Encourage certification as a condition for participation on the chapter sports massage team.
  4. Identify opportunities and seek approval from the chapter board for team members to work with both amateur and professional athletes.
  5. Generate public recognition of sports massage therapy.
  6. Coordinate logistics of sports massage team events and the activities of team members participating in events.

Community Service Massage Team Chair:


Community Service Massage Team is responsible for leading the chapter’s effort to take massage therapy to populations and communities that may be under utilizing or not yet making use of massage therapy.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan for chapter outreach programs for the coming year and a proposed budget.
  2. Identify opportunities and seek approval from the chapter board for chapter members to work with special populations.
  3. Coordinate logistics of outreach events and the activities of chapter members participating in events.

Public Relations Chair:

Mitchell Lowry-Lee

Public Relations Committee is responsible for leading the chapter’s effort to create a positive awareness of massage therapy, AMTA and the AMTA chapter members.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a PR Plan and proposed budget for the coming year.
  2. Compile and maintain a listing of local media.
  3. Identify and develop chapter media spokespersons
  4.  Identify newsworthy stories regarding chapter members, meetings, conferences and events and supply the media with this information.
  5. Use chapter media submissions as the opportunity for presenting key messages developed by national.

Membership Chair:


Membership Committee oversees all membership outreach and retention programs as well as the creation of new initiatives in recruitment and retention.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a plan for membership activities (i.e., recruitment, retention, recognition, etc.) and proposed budget for the coming year.
  2. Serve as the primary contact for those seeking AMTA membership information.
  3. Contact new members via phone and/or letter to welcome them to the chapter.
  4. Work to increase membership in AMTA by serving as a speaker/presenter to massage schools, high schools, colleges, vocational schools, etc.
  5. Contact by phone and/or mail those members who have not renewed to support them in continuing their membership.
  6. Lead the chapter effort in designing programs and initiatives that attract and retain members.

Newsletter Editor:

Mitchell Lowry-Lee

Newsletter Editor is responsible for the creation and publication of a timely and informative newsletter and the fiscal soundness of the publication.

  1. Develop and submit to the chapter board, a publication schedule (including issue dates and due dates for copy submissions) and budget for the coming year.
  2. Identify topics and issues to be covered in the publication.
  3. Solicit articles from chapter board members, committee chairs, the chapter membership and outside contributors, as appropriate.
  4. Edit articles for compliance with AMTA mission, goals, strategic plan and chapter objectives.
  5. Supervise the work of outside suppliers and/or chapter volunteers in the layout, production and distribution of the publication.
  6. Solicit advertising, within AMTA advertising guidelines, to help offset publication costs.
  7. Stay current with changes in postal rates and procedures to ensure the cost-effective distribution of the publication.

Communication Technology Co- Chairs:

Mitchell Lowry-Lee

Briana Cudly

  1. Maintain or oversee the maintenance of the Chapter Website and social media pages.
  2. Work closely with the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs to post updated information via email as well as on the website and social media.

Online Election Coordinator:

Briana Cudly

Online Election Coordinator works with the online election vendor, chapter board and candidates to oversee the candidacy and online election process in accordance with the procedural documents pertaining to online ballot elections.

  1. Plan, facilitate and conduct a fair online elections process
  2. Conduct candidate search for all open positions
  3. Contact and work with online election vendor
  4. Work with chapter board to customize candidate applications/online template
  5. Create communications – reminders, call for candidates, election timeframes
  6. Publish nomination/election timeline and call for candidates (website, social media, newsletter)
  7. Collect applications and verify candidate eligibility
  8. Post bios on election site
  9. Send approved applications to online vendor
  10. Obtain election results from vendor
  11. Contact candidates with results (optional)
  12. Announce winners at chapter annual meeting (optional, may be announced by chapter president)
  13. Prepare communication to post results (website, social media, newsletter)

Other Important Information


The individual appointed as a chapter committee chair must be a member in good standing.  The individual must meet all qualifications outlined by the chapter standing rules


As outlined in the national bylaws, appointed positions will be for a term of one (1) year or until successors are appointed. Prior to reappointment, the incumbent will present a report of the year’s activity for review by the chapter board.


As outlined in the national bylaws, a vacancy may be filled by appointment by the chapter president with the approval of the chapter board at any regular or special meeting or by mail ballot.  As outlined in chapter standing rules.


The committee chair shall automatically be disqualified to serve if: (A) Dues for the current year are not paid, (B) The individual holds an office, directorship or chair concurrently in another massage organization where there may be a conflict of interest with AMTA.


  1. AMTA Bylaws and Policy Manual  
  2. Chapter Officer Toolkits
  3. Chapter Officers’ Bulletin  
  4. National Office Chapter Relations Staff and other staff, as appropriate  
  5. Chapter Leadership Training at National Convention  
  6. Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program  
  7. AMTA Volunteer Development Program  
  8. Timely reimbursement of expenses from chapter treasury as outlined by national policy and chapter standing rules.